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2021 Season Update

Unfortunately at this point, we are not 100% sure how the season will look but we are working diligently to prepare for what we can offer through the 2021 season. 
We are currently looking to gauge the interest in our programs this year which may include both indoor and outdoor skill development and games. 
Below is the link to our 2021 Return to Activity (RTA) pre-registration form. 

Girls Rep Box Lacrosse... Check it Out !!

Check out our latest video to see the best of girls box lacrosse.  If you have tried field lacrosse, and are looking for a new challenge, or even want to play both this coming season, consider registering to play Box Lacrosse, Canada's Official National Summer Sport. 

Interested in Playing House League Lacrosse ?

Check out our latest video to get a feel for the FUN and EXCITEMENT of Whitby Minor Lacrosse's house league program.  If you have a young child that enjoys sports and being active then consider registering them to play Canada's Official National Summer Sport. 

Warrior Photo Gallery

Check out our latest photo gallery additions of all our #WARRIORS in action.... enjoying Canada's Official National Summer Sport. 

WhitbyMnrLax Whitby Minor Lacrosse WhitbyMnrLax

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