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August 10th update

Breakdown of RTP


  1. Schedule - Sessions will run weekday evenings between 5-8pm and are broken down by player age group
  2. Park Locations -  Gulfstream, Brookside, Rotary Parks, & Ritson Fields
  3. Registration - All participants must be registered & have paid for the RTP session prior to arrival through the on-line registration portal •All participants must complete the COVID-19 waiver through the portal prior to participation.


Protocols & Precautions  

  1. All  participants need to arrive no earlier than15 minutes before the start of their session
  2. It is critical that you are on time for your session. Once the session has started, players will not be allowed to join
  3. All participants must be dressed prior to entering drop off zone and all equipment bags must be left in the car
  4. Players will bring their own water bottle to the field with their name clearly marked
  5. Players will line up 6 feet apart to check in at the designated check in table with spacing identified by pylons
  6. Upon check in, all players will enter a staging area and will proceed to the field and to their assigned cone once directed by a coach. The cone will be the players personal station and will be where their water bottle and medication will be kept
  7. Players will remain in their assigned groups for the duration of the development session, unless otherwise directed by a coach
  8. At the end of the session, players will return to their assigned cones and will be dismissed one by one and must immediately exit the field through the designated exit point


Aug 10th update

Girls Rep Box Lacrosse... Check it Out !!

Check out our latest video to see the best of girls box lacrosse.  If you have tried field lacrosse, and are looking for a new challenge, or even want to play both this coming season, consider registering to play Box Lacrosse, Canada's Official National Summer Sport. 

Interested in Playing House League Lacrosse ?

Check out our latest video to get a feel for the FUN and EXCITEMENT of Whitby Minor Lacrosse's house league program.  If you have a young child that enjoys sports and being active then consider registering them to play Canada's Official National Summer Sport. 

Warrior Photo Gallery

Check out our latest photo gallery additions of all our #WARRIORS in action.... enjoying Canada's Official National Summer Sport. 


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