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2021 FAQ

2021 FAQ

Here are the FAQ's for 2021 Return to Activity (RTA):


1. Will Parents/Guardians be able to watch
- We require all parents to wait outside during their given sessions. If a participant under the age of 14 requires a parent/guardian, then one (1) parent can accompany the participant into the facility. Everyone entering the facility must fill out the COVID questionnaire.
2. What safety protocols do you have in place.
- We will have COVID-19 screening and contact tracing in place. Shared items (lacrosse balls) will be sanitized before each session. Participants will be required to have their own sanitizer and masks.
3. What does the outline of the RTA look like, Drills/Games/Practices- What can my child expect?
- Under the current framework we are only allowed to engage in training. We will have coaches with Skills & Drills set up for players. We will communicate to players and parents once we are able to move to the next stage.
4. Is it indoor or outdoor?
-  For the month of April we have indoor field time set aside and are in the process securing indoor floor to run box programs alongside our field time. Hoping everyone will have a chance to do a bit of both field and box. If the schedule doesn't work out that way we will revise it on the next RTA.
5. Is this program for first time players?
- Since we will be only having Skills & Drills for the time being these drills are set up for new and returning players.
6. Will we get refunded if it gets cancelled due to numbers?
-  Refunds will be provided and prorated by times used and minus any fees associated with the cost of the p[rogram (ie. insurance, bank fees) If our field and floor are canceled due to COVID and funds are returned to WMLA, we will pass this on to families in either refunds or credit for the next session(s). 
7. Can I pay per session? 
- Unfortunately no. WMLA has already paid for time and believes it's an affordable price point to start our RTA . Also by paying the fee upfront will entice players to show up as we would hate to waste any spaces or times on the floor.
8. If I miss a session can I get refunded or do I have to pay for it?
- The fee is non refundable unless as stated above.
9. Does my child have to wear a mask?
- No. While participating in drills, no masks are required. Once a player leaves the area they are required to have a mask on while in the building. WMLA has a limited amount of masks for purchase if you should need one. 
10. Is it full equipment?
- We encourage all participants to wear full and proper equipment while participating in the activities either on the field or in the arena.
11. Is there contact?
- Under the current RTA issued by the OLA, there will be no contact allowed in any of the colour coded zones. When able too, players will be able to engage in some stick contact but no body contact. allowed.
12. Will there be scrimmages?
- As outlined in the OLA RTA clubs will not be allowed to have any games or scrimmages while in the Grey and Red colour codes. We will be able to have modified games when in Orange and Green.
13. Will there be outdoor training when fields/Peel park is available?
- WMLA is in the process of securing outdoor field time and will communicate to families once we are ready for the next stage of our Return to Activity.
14. Can I volunteer to coach?
- The only way our programs can run is with volunteers. Due to the low groupings we may need more volunteers more than ever. Please contact a WMLA board member with your intentions.
15. Is there a plan for tryouts?
- WMLA currently has no plans for tryouts. If and when things open up and we see the need for Representative teams, we will communicate with parents and discuss the options going forward.
16. Is there a plan to play games? House league or inter-league with other associations?
- Clubs are not allowed to participate in game play while in the Grey and Red colour zones. Once clubs are in Orange and Green will be able to have modified game play. This game play can also include other associations that are under the same Health Region. We are in communication with our neighboring centres and hope to set up some game play when the Region permits it safe. 
17. Do Volunteers need to register and pay?
- Any volunteers wishing to help must register but will not have to pay. All volunteers are required to submit a Criminal Record Check (CRC) or a declaration.
18. Will there be change room and washroom access?
- Washroom will be open and sanitized after each session. Change rooms will be closed and players are asked to come changed and ready to go 5 minutes prior to their start time.
19. Can I switch my group if I can't make a certain time slot?
- Not. Once you are placed in a group and the sessions begin we will be unable to move participants around. 

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