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2021 Program Details

2021 RTA Program Details

Whitby Minor Lacrosse RTA Program begins April 3rd. Registration is now Open! 

Spots are limited as the program is only permitted 10 participants per group. Your spot will not be secured until registration is completed and payment is made in full.   


Please read this entire message before the participants Return to Activity.

  1. Ensure you first register (2021 Free Try-Lacrosse, no fee)

  2. You will then be emailed an invoice from WMLA for the RTA program. (One session a week for 4 weeks $50. No guarantee on Field or Box. It will be one or the other but not both)

  3. Your spot will be secured when payment is received. At this time you will also receive your group number and any other information required.

  4. When payment is received you have agreed to schedule days and times. No refund will be issued if days have conflict.

  5. Read the OLA RTA guidelines.

  6. Download the UOIT COVID Screening Questionnaire (Durham Campus DC) or use from the website.

  7. Download the WMLA Screening tool Both will be needed to enter the buildings.

  8. Please read the FAQ section to see some common questions & answers.

  9. The idea of this RTA is to get players back into the game and warmed up for a potential season. With all the uncertainty happening we cross our fingers we will be able to open up in May to more programs for our players (Rep, HL New). Until then, we ask for your patience while we navigate through all these unknowns.

  10. Anyone wishing to help with the RTA programs and beyond, please contact a board member. Anyone helping in general or on the floor must submit a valid CRC or a declaration if you have provided one in the past.



  1. Approved Helmet with Mask

  2. Gloves

  3. Stick

  4. Jock/Jill

  5. Personal water bottle

  6. Mask (when not involved with drills)

  7. Sanitizer



- Floor time will be at either UOIT Campus Fieldhouse (80 Conlin Rd, Oshawa) and Iroquois Park Sports Complex (500 Victoria St. W, Whitby)

- Schedule will be available within the week. We know this is not ideal but we are still in the process of securing time.




It is imperative that all COVID guidelines are followed in order to ensure that we can continue to run the program without interruption. A failure to follow any of the guidelines could result in the program being shut down or your child removed from the sessions.



Prior to entering the building


  • Fill out both the UOIT COVID screening form and the WMLA Screening the same day as your players floortime.


  • You will be required to show proof of passed screening for entry to UOIT.

  • There is currently a strict building occupancy. No spectators are allowed into the building. Participants under the age of 14 may have one (1) parent accompany them into the building.

  • There will be a limit of 10 players and one coaches on the floor at a time. We may require one parent to be inside while for safety measures. Anyone in the buildings must fill out both screening forms.

  • Attend approximately 10 minutes prior to the scheduled floor time. If you arrive prior to that you can wait in your vehicle until 10 minutes before your player’s scheduled floor time. All players will be entering the UOIT building as one unit. You will meet (socially distancing) outside the clubhouse. A UOIT representative will meet you at the door to check your screening form (that green checkmark) and match the child’s name to registration and date. No entry will be until 5 minutes before scheduled time. Iroquois Park entry details will be updated once received from the Town.

  • Masks must be worn while entering the building. Players can take theirs off when they put their helmets on.

  • Players must come dressed before entering the building. No change rooms will be available. Washroom will be open.


 While in the building 

  • Everyone is to remain 6 feet apart at all times.

  • Coaches will manage required physical distancing while the players are on the floor. The focus is on skills at this time and there will not be any physical contact.

  • Once the session is over, everyone is asked to immediately exit the building, no loitering.  Do not reenter the clubhouse as the next group will be waiting to come in. UOIT staff will be there to help direct.

  • Also note that there is no ball throwing anywhere but on the floor.


Cancellations/ Refunds

The following cancellation policy is in place for our 2021 RTA Programs.

• If Health Officials, Municipal, Provincial or Federal Governments, OLA or WMLA must cancel a 2021 RTA Program, WMLA will prorate refunds on unused time if sessions are cancelled. Payments received by etransfer will be refunded by cheque and card payments will be issued back to the original card. A $5 merchant/administration fee will apply.

- If a participant wishes to withdraw from a 2021 RTA Program that is still actively running, No refund will be made without acceptable reason. (Schedule conflicts & skill groupings are not accepted reasons.)


Should you have any other questions please contact


Whitby MInor Lacrosse is always looking for volunteers to fill in positions on the Board of Directors. Please contact


Thank you.